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Foreign Body Removal

Optometrists at Clear Vision Optical are all qualified in removal of foreign objects from the eyes. This includes metal, wood, glass and more. Corneal anaesthesia is used in the process of Foreign Body Removal to ensure it is as comfortable as possible. Early intervention is crucial in avoiding permanent damage to the eyes or vision loss, so please do not hesitate to call us or walk-in if you've had a foreign object on your eyes. We always accept emergency appointments.

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Why choose us for foreign body removal?

  • Eye health experts
  • No long waiting times in waiting rooms
  • We know your eyes
  • We can help with ongoing health post foreign body removal

Health Funds

Accepted Health Funds

We accept all major health funds and offer additional discounts to private health fund members*. Ask in-store for more detail.


Think you've got a foreign object in your eye?