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Spectacle Hub Optometrists is a family-owned practice that takes great pride in patient care. We treat every patient as family, and ensure that your eye health needs are always met. Spectacle Hub Optometrists provides:


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There are many different eye conditions; some are minor and easily treated but others can cause serious problems ot lead to permanent loss of vision. We offer varying specialties, covering all aspects of the medical and surgical eye care, including cataract surgery


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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Are you in need of eye correction but can’t wear glasses? Our Contact Lenses are a perfect alternative that will ...

Dry Eyes Comparison

Dry Eyes

Dryness affects over 50% of the population in Australia. With so much time using screens and battling the environment anyone ...

Kid Eye Examination

Eye Examination

In our Eye Examination service we thoroughly check your eyes to go through your vision as well as any symptoms ...


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